• Request for Proposal

    Many businesses find themselves slogging through cumbersome request for proposal (RFP) efforts to win new projects. Whether you're a young company trying to respond to your first RFP or an established firm trying to improve an ossified process, N2 can help. We can get into the trenches with you and augment your response team with our own staff, or provide high-level guidance during key milestone review sessions.


    At N2, we're committed to providing customers with a valet management service that will:

    • analyze your RFP response protocols
    • improve your organizational response
    • clarify "big picture" win themes
    • provide in-depth, text-level improvements to your standard content


    Lindsay Elliott

    Lindsay Elliott produces projects for N2, including technical, creative, and financial efforts. He previously led technical sales operations for a Fortune 500 energy company. He studied English literature and molecular biophysics at Yale.

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