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    Unicorns. Like the 7-footer who can dribble or the actor who can write their own dialog, N2 specializes in those rare breeds of quantitative analysts who can write, and writers who can analyze financial data and trends. We work with some of the largest asset managers in the world and disruptive hedge fund startups, providing custom solutions to meet their communications needs. Whether we're proofreading your quarterly letter or transforming your investment philosophy into a compelling story that LPs can really get behind, N2 distills the narrative behind your numbers.

    Joe Flood

    Founder & Finance Team Lead

    Before starting N2, Joe spent more than a decade working as a data journalist, covering economics, public policy, and the business of professional sports for places like the New York Times, New York Magazine, and the Economist. While working as a staff reporter for Chief Investment Officer magazine he was nominated for a 2011 Neal Award for his investigation into New York City’s pension system. His book The Fires on the history of the use of quantitative modeling in public policy (and its role in New York City’s 1970s fire epidemic) was an Amazon.com book of the month. Joe is the co-author, along with N2 co-founder Renny McPherson, of Entrepreneurs in the Midst.

    Dan Dzombak

    Senior Editor & Writer

    Dan Dzombak has been writing about investing and economics for nine years, with work featured in the Motley FoolTimeUSA Today, and Business Insider. From writing copy for one of the largest financial technology companies in the world, to writing articles and papers for banks, HFs, and tech companies, to editing for one of the largest hedge funds in the world, Dan specializes in crafting your ideas and data into a clear and compelling story. Dan received his BS in economics from the George Washington University. 

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