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    "Investment writing is a tough field. Not many savvy, data-driven investors can really write, and not many writers understand the technical and economic material well enough to be able to strip away the confusing jargon and turn it into good, clean prose. N2 is different. I write a weekly economic research newsletter for my clients. N2 is an essential part of each onefact-checking my research, helping structuring my arguments, and providing flawless copy editing."

    Dan Rasmussen, Managing Partner of Verdad Capital and bestselling historian/author of American Uprising

    "My newsletters on the video game industry are really time consuming to research and write, and the faster we grow the harder a time I have keeping up with all the work. N2 has taken a lot of the extra work off my plate by editing, cleaning up, and, increasingly, helping me write."

    Brett Nowak, Editor-in-Chief of Liquid and Grit

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